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How To Measure Your Child’s Feet

By JoJo Maman Bébé 

You might be noticing your child’s feet growing at lightning speed and struggling to keep up! You might be finding it’s impossible to get your child’s feet measured before taking the plunge and ordering shoes online. But worry not, today we show you how to find out your child’s shoe size using a couple of different methods, both of which are super simple.


You will need:
– paper
– pen
– ruler

1. Ask your child to stand on a piece of paper (barefoot)

2. Take a pen and mark where the back of your child’s heel is

3. Repeat with their big toe

4. Measure the distance between the two marks (in centimetres or inches). This is the insole length

5. Use the size chart below to find the shoe size that corresponds with the measurement


If you have access to a printer, measuring your child’s feet couldn’t be simpler. Simply download and print this chart by JoJo Maman Bébé, and ask your child to stand on the marked area to find out their shoe size.

Keep in mind sizes are approximate – if in doubt, round your measurement up.



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