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Il-Quċċija – what will your baby be when they grow up?

By Rachel Sammut

The Quċċija” is a popular Maltese tradition celebrated on a baby’s first birthday, and is said to predict baby’s future. A number of objects are placed on the floor, each one representing a particular profession, career or trade. Family and friends then gather round and encourage baby to crawl (or walk) to the objects. The first object picked up is said to be what the child will be when they grow up.

I’ve put together the following list of objects that can used for the Quċċija, some traditional and some to reflect the more “modern” professions.

  • Aeroplane: pilot
  • Book: author or journalist
  • Brush or comb: hairdresser
  • Calculator: accountant or mathematician
  • Camera: photographer or videographer
  • Cash: businessperson
  • CD: dancer or actor
  • Compass: sea captain
  • Computer mouse or usb stick: career in IT, programmer
  • Credit card: banker
  • Gear: engineer
  • Geometry instrument: architect
  • Hard boiled egg: full life
  • Hammer: carpenter or craftsperson
  • Kitchen utensil: chef
  • Lipstick: beauty therapist or make-up artist
  • Measuring tape or timble: fashion designer or tailor
  • Medal or ball: athlete
  • Musical instrument: musician
  • Paintbrush: artist
  • Pen: lawyer or notary
  • Rosary beads: priest or nun
  • Stethoscope: doctor
  • Toothbrush: dentist

    (image: @photographmyparty)

What did your little ones pick for their Quċċija? Do you think that they will follow through with their choice? Comment below.

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