Baby Brezza BUNDLE OFFER: Formula Pro Advanced + FREE Funnel And Cover Set

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The Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced Bundle contains the famous Formula Pro but also includes a Spare Funnel and a Spare Cover – these are our most popular accessories and buying the bundle means that you have the spare funnel and cover to slot in immediately, especially handy when cleaning is needed after every 4 bottles.

The pressure of time can be a problem for many parents and caregivers, especially when prepping baby bottles. But with the Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced Bundle, bottle making is now a breeze! The Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced has been available in Malta since 2020 from Bump & Me, and everyone loves it! The Formula Pro Advanced is an innovative baby bottle maker, instantly mixing, heating, and dispensing a warm bottle of formula for your baby in 15 seconds.

Buy our Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced Bundle which includes the machine plus an extra funnel and cover, helping to save even more time during the day.



  • The Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced Bundle includes: Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced, Spare Funnel, Spare Funnel Cover
  • Automatically makes the perfect bottle of formula with a simple touch of a button, saving you 30 minutes of your day
  • More hygienic than manual bottle prep, the baby milk machine stores formula powder in an airtight container
  • Fully customisable, you can change the amount (ml or oz), temperature, and formula concentration to suit your baby and their feed
  • The Digital Control Panel removes the stress of manual adjustments. The night-friendly glow emitted from the digital display will also make late-night feeds easier
  • BPA-free and dishwasher safe.
  • Designed to work for all formulas, including SMA, Aptamil, Abbott Similac, and Cow & Gate
  • After every 4th bottle it is recommended that you clean the funnel. Having an additional funnel will ensure that you save time by always having a spare clean funnel to use
    New formulas and recipes are continuously being tested. If you cannot see your formula listed, please contact us
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