Dreambaby Room & Bath Thermometer, Duck


Getting the temperature just right for your child’s room can be tricky, and sometimes hand-testing bath water isn’t always the best method. That is why Dreambaby created the Duck Room & Bath Thermometer – a fun, safe and an easy way to monitor the temperature of both baby’s room and bath to ensure that they are perfect every time. It takes the guesswork out of bath time, adds a flare of fun to the tub and ensures that your baby’s sensitive skin can be kept safe from harsh temperatures. The thermometer is cute enough to be your child’s favorite toy and durable enough to be your new best friend!


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  • May be placed in your baby’s room to confirm its current temperature and when so used offers the same reliable temperature readings as in the bath tub
  • When used in water a red light indicates that the water is too hot while a green light indicates that the water is too cold
  • Gives accurate digital temperature readings in Celsius or Fahrenheit and rechecks the temperature every 10 seconds
  • With a 30 minute automatic shut off to help preserve battery lifespan
  • Includes batteries so you may use it straight out of the pack
  • BPA-free and tested to the EN71 Standard ensuring absolute safety
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