Liberty House Foldable Rocket Slide


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All children love a slide because they are so much fun – this unique folding, space saving kids foldable rocket slide by Liberty House Toys is a perfect first slide for your little ones. Provides significant physical and social benefits to aid your child’s development.

Children learn about balance, co-ordination, and spatial awareness as they climb the slide and then push themselves down before using their feet to stop themselves.  Even as your little ones grasp the rungs of the ladder they are strengthening muscles in their hands and fingers and developing fine motor skills. Once at the top of the ladder your child will have to organise themselves to sit or lie down – this can be quite a task in the early stages and will in time promote visual and body awareness, as well as balance skills. Your kids will develop critical thinking skills as they consider different ways to use their slide – as they get braver they will look to slide on their tummy or even look to manipulate themselves up the slide backwards – moving down or even up a slide will give a child a terrific amount of sensory stimulation. Finally, by playing with friends’ children will improve their social skills as they learn about co-operative play, sharing, tolerance and taking turns.

The thrill of the slide is so exciting for little ones and as parents we all anticipate that little word ‘again’ as we catch our precious bundles at the bottom.

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  • Modern design with rounded and softened edges
  • Handrail gives children an extra feeling of safety and security
  • Steps on the slide have a pebble texture to support a good grip with feet
  • This slide is a great aid in helping your children develop confidence in their early years
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Easily and quickly folded for convenient storage.
  • Made from high density polyethylene materials which are characterised by a high strength to density ratio
  • Materials are also environmentally friendly
  • Safety tested to latest standards
  • Dimensions: H645 x W330 x D1250mm
  • Age suitability: 2 years+
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