Lily C-Remedy Silicone Scar Therapy for C-Sections (+ bonus cleanser)

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A brilliant product which can help with healing, Lily C-Remedy® Scar Therapy has been specially designed to prevent, improve and reduce scarring following a C-Section. It reduces redness and relieves the itching and discomfort associated with your postoperative wound. Proper use of the C-Remedy® will soften, flatten and dramatically improve the appearance of your scar.  The washable silicone pad is comfortable to wear, and when used correctly, will soften and flatten the appearance of a scar.

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  • Helps with scar prevention after C-section
  • Washable
  • Self-adhering
  • Custom moulded
  • Use again and again
  • Cleanser included
  • Additional cleanser available
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Additional information