Love to Dream Stage 1 Swaddle UP Cotton Lite (0.2 Tog), You Are My


For a modern twist on traditional swaddling, choose the Love to Dream Swaddle UP Lite. A Stage 1 swaddle sleepsuit, available in a light 0.2 tog for warmer weather, it is a great solution to swaddling, offering the ease-of-use and safety of a baby sleepsuit.

The soft, close-fitting fabric replicates the comforting feeling of being in the womb, while the ARMS UP™ design offers a more natural position, and the ‘hip healthy’ feature allows freedom of movement for a restful night’s sleep.



  • 0.2 tog cotton fabric is light and cool for warmer temperatures (between 24 and 27°C)
  • Unique patented wings allow a more natural ARMS UP™ position
  • Single layer fabric reduces risk of overheating
  • Certified ‘hip healthy’ design by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute allows the recommended flexion for hips and legs
  • No loose layers to kick off during sleep
  • Snug fit and secure feel replicates the womb
  • Twin zip for easy nappy changes
  • Slows down baby’s Moro reflex allowing your baby to wake up calmly and startle-free
  • XS fits 0-1 months, S fits 1-3 months, M fits 3-6 months
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