Moby Evolution Wrap by Petunia Pickle Bottom, Woodgrain


Just when you thought that the Moby wrap couldn’t get any more comfortable or cozy, the Evolution Wrap raises the bar. It takes everything you love about the classic wrap and pairs it with a luxurious, plant-based, premium viscose/cotton fabric blend that is cool to the touch and provides next-level silky softness. Not only is the Evolution Wrap the softest in Moby’s line, the bio-friendly fabric is breathable, lightweight and stays cool to the touch. Perfectly supportive and stretchy, the wrap nestles your little one close to your heart in an ergonomic, natural hold that supports their neck, spine and hips while evenly distributing your little one’s weight across your back and hips for effortless comfort while carrying. The Evolution Wrap is the ideal wrap for skin-to-skin newborn bonding to toting toddlers handsfree. Cuddle up!



  • A cool alternative to Moby’s all-cotton wrap – if you or your baby run hot, consider the Evolution Wrap
  • Suitable for babies weighing 8lbs to 33lbs
  • May be used in front or hip carry positions
  • Generously sized at 4.9m (16ft) long
  • Intended for individuals of all heights and sizes, fits from petite to plus sized
  • Slender individuals may wrap the excess tail behind their back and bring it forward again to tie in front, while individuals with wider waists may find it more comfortable to tie the wrap behind their back
  • Composition – 70% viscose, 30% cotton
  • Machine wash with cold water and gentle detergent on delicate cycle, hang dry or use the lowest dryer setting
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