Nuk Bottle Cleanser (500ml)


Obvious, isn‘t it … a bottle cleanser from Nuk? Naturally! Because at Nuk they know what parents need, they have developed the Nuk Bottle Cleanser that cleans effectively and is completely safe for your child, exactly the way it should when washing baby bottles and accessories. Powerful enzymes effectively dissolve milk, juice and, thanks to the new formula, even purée residue. In addition, it is fragrance- and colourants-free as well as pH neutral and hypoallergenic.  The result is the best Nuk Bottle Cleanser ever! And by the way, because nature is close to their hearts, the bottle is made of 100% recycled PET.

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  • Naturally effective – powerful enzymes easily remove milk, juice and even stubborn purée residue, thanks to the new and improved formula
  • Safe for babies – no traces of food or bottle cleanser left behind, fragrance- and colourants-free, pH neutral and hypoallergenic
  • Gentle on bottles and teats – especially developed for baby bottles and teats, making it particularly gentle on the materials they are made from
  • Environmentally friendly – natural, biodegradable ingredients and 100% recycled bottle
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