Olli Ella Lyra Moses Basket & Mattress


Keep your little one dreaming in their first bed, the Olli Ella Lyra Moses Basket. A new take on the traditional bassinet, the Lyra is comfortable, lightweight, comes equipped with a sturdy handle, and is large enough to easily transport a sleeping baby from room to room.

The Lyra Moses Basket is handmade with 100% Natural Rattan and comes with a cushion mattress. Pair with the Olli Ella Lyra Bassinet Rocking Stand to gently cradle and rock baby to sleep.

Easy to transport and store, the Lyra Moses Basket looks beautiful sitting snuggly in a Rocking Stand or on top of a shelf in your bedroom.

Use the handle to hang the Olli Ella Acorn Rattle or your baby’s favourite toys to keep them entertained.

Cover the mattress with the Olli Ella Lyra Mattress Covers made of the softest 100% organic, double-gauze cotton and machine washable.

The Olli Ella Lyra Bassinet Rocking Stand, Acorn Rattle and Mattress Covers are sold separately.

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  • Handwoven with love using 100% natural Rattan
  • Comes with a cushion mattress made of Organic Cotton outer & PU foam inner
  • Lyra Mattress Covers are sold separately
  • Item is compatible with standard Moses Basket stands
  • Dimensions: L72cm x H35cm (with handle 40cm) x W40cm
  • Weight: 3.5 kg
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