PIRA Foam Swim Discs (6pcs per Set)

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Our PIRA Swim Discs offer children complete freedom of movement in the water.  Made from soft, skin-friendly foam, there is no need to inflate and there is no risk of tearing or puncturing, making them 100% safe and durable, unlike inflatable armbands.  Start with three floats per arm and remove one from each arm to gradually reduce buoyancy as your child’s confidence in the water grows:

  • 3 swim discs per arm for beginners (your child will be able to float effortlessly)
  • 2 swim discs per arm for advanced swimmers (once your child gains confidence in the water)
  • 1 swim disc per arm for those almost ready to swim without any help but need some encouragement; can also used for endurance training or to provide extra safety (e.g. at sea)

The PIRA Swim Discs are lightweight and comfortable to wear with concentric, flexible armholes to fit the arms of any child.  The bright colours ensure visibility of your child in a crowded beach or pool.  The Swim Discs are suitable for ages 2 years and over.

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  • 100% safety
    • Safer than inflatable armbands
    • No functional failure when damaged
    • No loss of buoyancy through punctures thanks to closed cell foam structure
    • Ready to use, no inflating necessary!
  • Manufactured in accordance with EN 13138-1:2014 – Buoyant aid for swimming instruction class B
  • Made of soft, skin-friendly foam
  • Lightweight
  • Free, unobstructed movement of arms and body
  • Adjustable buoyancy from 3 pieces per arm, to 2 then 1 as the child’s confidence increases
  • Bright colours to ensure visibility
  • Easy to put together and take apart thanks to toggles and holes
  • Dimensions:
    • Outer arm ring diameter: 18.3cm
    • Arm hole diameter: 8.4cm
    • Thickness of each disc: 2.5cm
    • Will not protect against drowning
    • Use under constant supervision
    • To be worn on upper arm only
  • Suitable for ages 2 years and over
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