PIRA Rechargeable Rotating Stroller Fan


The versatile PIRA USB Rechargeable Rotating Stroller Fan with flexible legs allow you to secure the fan to baby stroller, car seat, crib, or anywhere else you need. The stroller fan’s head can adjust horizontally for any direction, and it can rotate to keep you and your baby cool.  This wireless and portable fan can also be used as a desktop air fan or a handheld fan. The PIRA Fan recharges via USB, so there’s no need to replace batteries!  Importantly, the fan has curved vents for increased safety to prevent babies from placing their fingers in.  This also makes the fan safe for young children to hold.



  • Battery:
  • Inbuilt USB rechargeable 3600mAh battery
  • Battery lasts 3-20 hours (depending on speed & use of rotation)
  • Charging time to full: Approx 3.5hours
  • Can also be used on-the-go while charging
  • LED Display Screen for visual display of:
  • Wind speed level (4 levels)
  • Battery life remaining
  • Other features:
  • Flexible removable legs for multi purpose use
  • Can be used with a stroller, Cot, Car seat, in cars
  • Can be used hand held
  • Legs can also be shaped as a mobile stand
  • Desk fan and so much more
  • You can also hang it anywhere you like by bending the legs
  • Automatic electric rotating head
  • 120 degrees rotating head
  • ABS and Silicone Material
  • Curved vents for increased safety to prevent babies from placing their fingers in.
  • Product includes:
    1.Packaging box
    2.Fan with detachable legs
    3.Charging Cable
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