Rockabye LED Electric Wearable Breast Pump (2-Pack)


The Rockabye LED Electric Wearable Breast Pump is equipped with the latest technology and design to make pumping breastmilk a breeze.

Our Rockabye Breast Pump has four modes – Massage, Expression, Auto, and Lactation. Each mode has 12 intensity levels, allowing you to customise your pumping experience according to your needs. Whether you need to stimulate milk or express milk quickly, our breast pump has got you covered.  It features a biomimetic suction design that mimics natural suction of a baby.  Importantly, it has an anti-backflow feature that prevents milk from flowing back into pump, making it safe and hygienic for you and your baby.  This lightweight wearable pump also helps solve issues like low milk supply, engorgement, and the hassle of carrying a bulky breast pump to work. With its comfortable and discreet fit, you can now pump anytime, anywhere. The large LED display shows suction strength and mode, making it easy for you to control your pumping progress.  The breast pump has a detachable design that makes it simple to install and maintain. You can easily disassemble and install pump parts, so you can quickly clean and reuse. With its USB Type-C interface, you can charge the Rockabye pump anywhere, anytime.

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  • Latest technology
  • Model Number:ROCKABYE-211
  • Material:Silica gel
  • BPA free
  • Charging Voltage:5V=1A
  • Battery Capacity:3.7V 1200mAh
  • Charging Time:2.5 hours
  • Usage Time:2.5 hours
  • Interface Port:Type-C
  • Modes:Massage/Expression/Auto/Lactation
  • Collector Capacity:210ml
  • Noise level:50 dB
  • Vacum:40mmHg-300mmHg
  • Weight:262g
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Additional information


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