Tidlo Space Station Set


Blast off into a universe of wonder with this 22-piece space station complete with rocket ship and accessories. Begin your adventure by using the rocket to launch your astronaut into space. As you make your approach, jettison the rocket’s modules and dock with the station’s airlocks to climb aboard. Explore the 4 levels of the station using the working clicking lift. Observe the stars with the telescope and computer equipment. Grow your own food with the hydroponic garden and exercise on the treadmill. Use the space crane to move the storage cubes and samples about the station or take the buggy out for a spin on the nearest moon or asteroid. After all this fun, you will need to get some sleep in the beds while the solar panels recharge. Don’t forget to refuel your rocket ship before you head home, but look out for the alien about the station! This set also features a plastic connector system to interchange parts, so you can use the telescope on the buggy or in the station. You can also use the storage cubes and solar panels to build your own satellites!

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  • 22 Piece large wooden space station
  • Space Station Height: 56 cm
  • Age 3y +
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