TikkTokk Ultra Thick Safety Play Mat (118cm x 118cm x 2cm)


No child’s play area or classroom is complete without the ultra thick TikkTokk Safety mat. The perfect necessary accompaniment to any area with young children present. The Safety Mats are non-abrasive, nonslip, are significantly thicker than competitors products and provide you with the knowledge and peace of mind that the risk of head injury is greatly reduced through its protective layering/thickness.

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  • Infinite expansion
  • Smooth-edged option
  • Bright Colours
  • Protects child’s head on hard surfaces
  • Individual pieces do not disengage easily
  • Density and depth provides genuine protection
  • Use under play equipment, playpens and/or exercise areas to reduce risk and brighten up the area
  • Ideal in homes, schools, day care centres, playgroups, and under playground equipment
  • Easy to add to or extend but is thick enough so as not to disengage easily once in place
  • Useable on floors or walls
  • Dimensions: 118cm x 118cm x 2cm
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Additional information