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Welcome to the Bump & me Blog!


It’s great that you are reading the very first post from ​my​ new blog​ on ​my new website. I suppose I should start by telling you a little bit about myself, my new business and plans for this blog.

​I’m a lawyer by profession (​please don’t start yawning). I​’ve had​ a successful ​legal ​career​ ​so far,​​ ​in London and in Malta, ​met some amazingly awesome people, and travelled a bit​ (mainly work travel, so nothing too exotic)​. Soon after moving back to Malta, I met my special person, now my hubby, and we’ve had quite the journey in terms of building our family. I’m not particularly traditional, but I did want to spend as much time as I could at home – or out and about – with my family. So I put my legal career on the back burner ​and became a full-time mummy.

After a while, I decided to have a go at starting my own business while still retaining my “stay-at-home mum” status. I wasn’t too sure I had the necessary skills (I’m not a risk-taker) or personality (I’m quite an introvert) for a business, but with some much-needed encouragement from hubby, I gave it a go. My kitchen table start-up idea was to sell trendy yet functional clothing and other gorgeous products for mums-to-be, new mums and their little ones in Malta. ​ My contacts ​in London led ​me to some amazing maternity and baby brands​,​​ and I launched Bump & me.

Bump & me now imports and sells a wide range of products, including maternity​, ​nursing ​and postnatal ​clothes, baby and children’s clothes, gifts, books, toys, nursery decor, travel accessories, and other products for parents and children.​ ​My aim for ​Bump & me​ i​s to make your journey through pregnancy and ​parenthood more comfortable, stylish and fun, while providing excellent and personalised customer service.

This blog will be another way of keeping in touch with my lovely customers, and I’ll try to keep the posts interesting by bringing you up to date features. I’ll also be asking guest contributors from various fields relevant to parenting to add their point of view. The idea is to share ideas, rather than preach. Parental instinct always comes first and I must recommend that you always seek your own health practitioner’s advice.

Thanks for reading.

​Rachel​ x

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