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What To Pack In Your Hospital Bag

By Rachel Sammut

As your due date approaches, you’ll need to start preparing your hospital bag. It’s a good idea to have it ready a good few weeks before, just in case of an early arrival – aim to get it done by around week 30 of your pregnancy. We’ve put together some tips, as well as a handy checklist that you can tick off as you pack your hospital bag.

Tips for your Hospital Bag

  1. Pack two separate hospital bags – one or you and one for your baby. It will be easier to organise and find the things you want.
  2. Put your baby’s first outfit in a clear bag and label it. You can give this to your midwife before the birth.
  3. Layers of clothing, which can easily be put on and removed as necessary, are ideal for both you and baby.
  4. Take plenty of snacks. You’ll need them, especially if you get admitted at night and have a long labour.
  5. Pack some essentials for your partner. Just a change of clothes and a toothbrush should be enough until they go back home for a shower the next day.
  6. Once you have everything you need, go through the items with your partner – particularly if this is your first baby, as they may not know what everything is.
  7. Make sure you or your partner know how to install the infant car seat. You don’t want to be figuring it out when you leave hospital.
  8. Do not take bottles and formula. The hospital will provide these if needed.
  9. Remove any jewellery, false nails and nail polish.

Hospital Bag Checklist

Use this handy checklist to make sure you don’t forget any essentials. Simply print it our and tick off the items as you pack your bag.



☐  Ante-natal (blue card) and ID card ☐  Newborn / size 1 nappies (x20)
☐  Birth plan (if you have one) ☐  Towels (x3)
☐  Cosy pyjamas or nightdress (x3) ☐  Sleepsuits / babygrows (x4)
☐  Warm socks and slippers ☐  Bodysuits / vests (x4)
☐  Dressing gown ☐  Socks (x2)
☐  Disposable underwear (or old pants you’re happy to sacrifice to the cause) ☐  Little hat
☐  Maternity / maxi pads ☐  Mittens (x2)
☐  Toiletries (shower gel, shampoo, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, etc) ☐  Muslin squares (x4)
☐  Flip-flops (to use in the shower) ☐  Shawl / cellular blanket
☐  Dark towels (x2) ☐  Swaddle blanket
☐  Nursing bra (x2) and Nursing camisole ☐  Baby wipes
☐  Breast pads and Breast balm ☐  Nappy bags
☐  Feeding pillow ☐  Top & tail bowl
☐  Water and straw ☐  Baby toiletries (hair & body wash, body oil)
☐  Snacks and sweets ☐  Soft sponge
☐  TENS machine or Heat pack ☐  Cotton wool
☐  Face cloth ☐  Nappy cream
☐  Hair tie ☐  Comb and brush
☐  Lip balm ☐  Newborn pacifier / dummy
☐  Peri bottle and Perineal cold packs ☐  Going-home outfit
☐  Pre-natal vitamins / medication ☐  Car seat
☐  Maternity skincare
☐  Mug (or reusable coffee cup) and cutlery (a spork is a great choice)
☐  Mobile phone and charger
☐  Entertainment (book, ipad, etc)
☐  A bag for your dirty clothes
☐  Comfortable going-home clothes

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